6 07, 2021

So, How Much Do You Like Math?

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Some like math and others not so much.  Either way, we have all been exposed to mathematics, whether basic equations in elementary school, for finances managing the household or, in some cases, as part of a career.  A fascinating mathematical aspect is that every now and again, an amateur helps solve a problem that has perplexed experts for decades. The problem here is one posed by a University of [...]

24 06, 2021

The Topic of Inflation is All the Rage

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The topic of inflation is all the rage now in America. The Fed says its transitory and maybe so, but in the short run we’ve been feeling it in many sectors of the economy, have we not? Lessons can be learned by looking at past inflationary periods, even if the exact circumstances are different in each era.  Attached is an article that looks at the economic impact of different [...]

22 06, 2021

Pandemic Science- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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We are all hoping that the pandemic is really over.  Most trends show that it is, except for a few current flashes in places like India and South America.  At The Leadership Matrix, we have not discussed much of the pandemic, but wanted to pass along a very well written piece by my friend Charles Lipson from the University of Chicago. He looks at the success of vaccines that [...]

18 06, 2021

The Definition of Inflation

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The Fed has been saying that inflation is transitory.  Then they released a Federal Open Market Committee policy statement on Wednesday that accelerated the timeline of raising interest rates to 2023.  The Fed raised key interbank lending rates yesterday, while the St. Louis Fed President was interviewed today and said that he expects an initial rate increase in late 2022.  If inflation is transitory, why is the Fed accelerating [...]