6 05, 2022

Hydrogen Powered Future Eliminates Carbon Emissions for Air Travel

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Perceptive readers of this blog know about the conversation surrounding the transportation sector, including a look at the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle and how high-speed rail fits into the national transportation discussion.  A lot of progress is being made in making travel more sustainable. Can the nascent revolution of more sustainable modes of transportation carry over into air travel? While the focus of the auto [...]

2 05, 2022

High Speed Rail is Here… All Aboard!

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Have you ever ridden on a train?  Not the type like in a theme park or county fair, but a real train to get from one city to another.  Many have, but most utilize other modes of transport… in homage to the classic John Hughes comedy starring John Candy and Steve Martin, most travel on Planes, (not on) Trains and Automobiles. So, how does train travel compare and where [...]

26 04, 2022

Bigger May Not Be Better for Active Mutual Funds

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Many investors feel comforted by owning well established, larger mutual funds that have the “buying power” to perform better.  Do larger funds exhibit economies of scale?  Not always.  While bigger funds have the benefit of reducing expense ratios as operating costs are spread over a larger asset base, issues arise if portfolio managers have trouble making investments suitable to the fund.  Though not clearly indicated, a fund may grow [...]

19 04, 2022

Is the Stock Market Efficient? What Makes the Market Tick?

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It’s long been held that “all of the information in the world is embedded into the price of stocks”- it’s the definition of the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH).  Developed primarily in the 1950’s and 1960’s, EMH called into question the ability to beat the market, while encouraging the holding of the market itself and the subsequent development of index funds.  EMH maintains stocks trade at their fair, fundamental value. [...]