1 06, 2021

Nestlé Food Unhealthy? Now They Tell Us!

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Try as we may to eat healthier, sometimes that sweet indulgence wins out over the wholesome alternative.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when it comes to eating, people do make their own choices. This, on the other hand, is a complete surprise- Nestlé, the largest multi-national food company in the world, admitted in an internal presentation that a large segment (more than 60%) of their products do [...]

28 05, 2021

Who’s on First?!

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This is an absolutely hilarious play from the ball game last night, when our hometown Cubbies were visiting the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Watch as Cubs shortstop Javy Baetz, whose nickname is “El Mago”- or “The Magician”, hit what should have been an inning ending ground ball to third.  It instead turned into a highlight clip that will surely make you bust out laughing! Enjoy this bedazzling baseball highlight, as we [...]

21 05, 2021

The Pending Regulation of Crypto

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Regulators have taken notice that anonymity, a hallmark of cryptocurrency, is an attractive means of business for hackers, tax evasion and other criminal underworld activity.  While the vast majority of crypto transactions are for legal purposes, almost $350 million dollars worth went into criminal hands in 2020, a whopping four times the amount from 2019.  And folks, the $350 million figure doesn’t include the crypto payment made for the [...]

14 05, 2021

All Aboard! Next Stop- the International Space Station!

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An announcement by NASA on Monday of a deal with a private company in Houston has made real the possibility of paying for a trip to the International Space Station.  Now, it may run $55 million dollars per seat, plus other fees that are millions more, and food that costs $2,000 per person per day, but at least the possibility is there! Plans are in the works for the [...]