18 02, 2021

The Subtleties of Labor Force Statistics

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The unemployment rate came down again in the most recent employment report, dropping to 6.3% from the expected rate of 6.7%... this is a good trend, though there are a lot of details within the numbers. Digging into the numbers, nonfarm payrolls increased by 49,000, which shows job growth, but the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) also edged lower, meaning more folks left the labor force and are no [...]

16 02, 2021

The NYSE By Any Other Name… or Place

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They are at it again.  The high tax State of New York is again considering a proposal by some state lawmakers to reinstitute a transaction tax on stock trades for the exchanges in New York City.   This tax would of course include business conducted by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  Could the NYSE become… the NJSE (New Jersey Stock Exchange), or… the TXSE (Texas Stock Exchange), or perhaps… [...]

11 02, 2021

More Thoughts on the ‘Modern Monetary Theory’

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Here is another view of the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), a topic touched upon previously in The Leadership Matrix.   Jack Hough at Barron’s sheds some light on how folks are looking at this new way of justifying spending big money, which leads to massive debt. Is this right?  Have a listen… ~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix Click here- Are we MMT-ing Yet? To see the last piece posted [...]

10 02, 2021

The GameStop Rebellion

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Now that this episode is mostly over, there will be investigations to see if Robinhood treated the small investors fairly.  The big guys lost and they are angry about it, so does the squeaky wheel get the oil? Listen in on this great New York Times podcast that goes into some detail of the story about Reddit vs. Wall Street, with an explanation of just what happened.  There is [...]