Here we are in the final week of the Winter Olympic Games, the quadrennial competition that draws thousands of the best athletes from around the world.  The U.S. team is winning a respectable number of medals so far, currently in third place behind winter powerhouse Norway and Germany.  There have been some amazingly close finishes and brilliant displays of athleticism, as is typical of the event.

Have you been watching the Olympic Games?  For many, the answer is no.

There are probably many reasons for the relative lack of broadcast viewers, including diplomatic boycotts by western nations, steroid scandals, a potential conflict in Ukraine, human rights issues in China, and the continuing effects of the pandemic.

For NBC, the network that paid a handsome $7.75 billion dollars in 2014 for the rights to broadcast every Olympic game through 2032, this has been the lowest rated Winter Olympics in U.S. television history.  It’s not all bleak- despite grim ratings, primetime coverage of the games still by far remains the most watched event on tv.  Those streaming the event have also increased substantially.  Network brass also hope that the next three games will show an increase in viewership, with the next Summer Games in Paris (2024), followed by Winter Games in Milan (2026) and the following Summer Games in LA (2028).

In the meantime, here is an amazing gold medal performance by U.S. figure skater Nathan Chen, with some great accompanying song choices.  Definitely worth watching!

~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix

Click Here- Nathan Chen delivers free skate of a lifetime to win gold

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