First- Let’s start with innovation:  This is a great small-footprint grocery concept in Chicago that aims to bring food and people together in a store that offers ‘well crafted, locally sourced, globally inspired food’.  Dom’s Kitchen & Market offers options to get the ingredients to cook at home, take out quality prepared foods, get fresh food delivery and eat-in choices.  The market offers opportunities to watch the cooking process in open preparation areas, as well as wine and beer tastings, classes and demonstrations.  With one location now and another announced Thursday to open later this year, Dom’s Kitchen hopes to grow to fifteen locations by 2025.

As founder Bob Mariano says of Dom’s- the store “will not be conventional in any way” and will be a place for people to connect with each other and the community.  Mariano knows a thing or two about the grocery business, having been Chief Executive of a grocery chain that was sold to Safeway and founder of another that was purchased by Kroger.  This model of grocer is attempting to fill a void left by the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods, which has seen that market lessen quality in the name of lower prices.

Watching a store like Dom’s Kitchen & Market take hold shows that while the recovery happens, innovation continues!

Read more about Dom’s here- Dom’s Kitchen & Market Expanding Into Old Town After Success Of First Store and let me know what you think!

Second- The war in Ukraine is a travesty.  While the U.S. is right to lead the world in the refusal to purchase Russian crude, the economic ramifications are just starting to be felt- even at home.  The picture posted at the top of this post shows the prices encountered this weekend while at the pump by my house- and diesel was even higher!  The price of gas has direct effects in what people pay to fill the tank, and indirect economic effects through increased transport, shipping, and heating costs.

We may unfortunately soon look back at these prices and think they are low!

What’s the price of gas where you live?  Here is the Average price of a gallon of gas by state, as tracked by AAA

~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix

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