There are those who complain about social media- that it is a scary place occupied by anonymous actors and social media trolls… yes, there is some of that.

Likewise, the title “social media influencer” has been derided- it is a “job” for young twenty-somethings to promote local night clubs and illegal parties, or perhaps, it is something for slackers or people who attack and target others.  That is also partially true.

But, there are also some great things about social media and it’s influencers!

Here is a very interesting article in the Chicago Booth Review, a research driven publication of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, my business school. This is a real life example of how people who are recognized on social media and who have credibility, can use that standing to get the word out… in this case to help adopt better, more efficient farming methods in poor areas.  Promoting efficiencies and better commerce for everyone will raise all living standards.  Many thanks to this “social media influencer” ~ Brian Kasal –  The Leadership Matrix

Click here- the positive power of social media influencers

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