As the world continues to emerge from the pandemic, many are starting to venture out to restaurants and events, travel, return to the office, and otherwise meet people- in person!  A brush-up on rusty people skills may be needed.

An old saying goes, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’  While the trusty piece of advice may be technically true, there is a unique opportunity for workers to reset the relationships formed online with colleagues as more in-office time is encouraged (or required).  Building closer bonds with coworkers provides a support network to help get through the workday.  A second chance at a first impression may prove to be a benefit of widespread work-from-home policies enforced during Covid.

The brain processes online first impressions differently from ones made in person, so those returning workers have a rare chance at a second first impression.

I’ve included a Chicago Booth Review article below that looks at how to make a meaningful first impression from the perspective of a professor, current student, and alum.  The Booth report gives a good perspective, whether the reader is comfortable in new settings or not.

A piece of advice I always follow is to be genuine in first impressions.

Enjoy the Booth article and let me know what you think!  What have you noticed about post-pandemic first impressions?  Reach out here to send me an email.

~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix

Click here- Chicago Booth Review- How to Make a Good First Impression

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