I wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year!

There will be some big changes in the new year, including in the arena for the next-generation 5G (fifth generation) wireless standard.  We have been saying this for a while now… the worldwide rollout of the 5G standard could be a huge home run for investors.

The rollout of the 5G standard will see major network capacity increases, with platform changes requiring new purchases for the personal and industrial consumer, and huge network/infrastructure investments for the providers.  Make no mistake, 5G technology will touch just about every aspect of life, from the personal cell phone and wireless device, to the flow of data for things like air traffic control, smart cars, public transportation, delivery logistics, field workers, industrial machinery, and utility grids.

This fundamental shift in technology suggests the type of market that investors may want to get involved in.  We are currently invested in the 5G arena through the public exchanges. There are also other ways to get involved through private investment vehicles.  Have a read… we can open a conversation about how to get involved.  ~Brian Kasal –  The Leadership Matrix

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