A striking aspect of the world that we live in today is supply chain disruptions that have affected everything from building materials and baby formula to game consoles and… movie theater popcorn??!  It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  In some cases, there are also shortages in candy and other snacks, as well as the cups to put drinks in and the sheen linings of popcorn bags that prevent the butter from seeping through.  Add to that a nagging labor shortage, and the movie industry, still trying to recover from the pandemic, is facing a summer thriller!

Have you been to a movie theater since the start of the pandemic?  Many have and a lot have not.

Out of the gates of the summer blockbuster movie season, theaters are finally starting to see a broad audience demographic return to the big screen.  “Top Gun: Maverick”, the well-received sequel to the 1986 classic, broke Memorial Day weekend box office records with receipts of $160.5 million domestically and another $139 million internationally.  It’s also the highest grossing domestic take in the 40-years of star Tom Cruise’s career, and the first to surpass $100 million on opening weekend.  The movie has seen a wide range of theater-goers, with those over 35 years old representing 55% of the viewers.  This is an encouraging sign for the movie industry, considering those over 35 have been the most reluctant to return.

One offset to the popcorn and snack shortage is the ever expanding array of food and drink choices offered by a growing number of theaters.  So, although the supply chain issues are a concern for most in the film industry, the allure of the films may draw audiences anyway.  Time will tell.

I’ve included an interesting article below on the looming popcorn shortage.  What is your favorite movie?  Have you made it back to a theater- whether for a movie or a live show?  Let me know what you think- and Enjoy the Show!

~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix

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p.s.- it is also embedded above in the post, but in case you missed it, here is the link to the trailer for “Top Gun: Maverick”.  Too good to pass up!  ~ BK

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