Will working with slippers on from home or working with an opportunity to talk by the water cooler at an office ultimately pan out?  Time will tell.  Some folks like working at home, some do not.

There are remote work benefits, such as no commute and no costs associated with a commute, potential work schedule flexibility, and more family time.  We have also learned about work-from-home negatives, some substantial, including working more hours, working scattered hours, the need to find suitable workspace in your home, and less physical activity.  Many companies are evaluating how to operate going forward, as they ponder a return to the office.  There is also the greater economic effect, like the impact to local businesses built to serve clusters of on-site workers.

Here is a comprehensive assessment of the issues and the options related to working at home, from the Chicago Booth Review… Enjoy!

~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix

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