As lockdowns spread around the world in response to the pandemic, internet access became a greater focus- and an essential lifeline- for people to keep in touch with loved ones, order needed supplies, see a doctor, attend classes across all grade levels, do research, be entertained, and for getting the job done.  Even post-pandemic, researchers estimate that about 20% of all work going forward will be remote at home.  Securing reliable, high-speed internet access for all U.S. homes may even prove to boost economic output- to the tune of $160 Billion a year.  Reliable, high-speed internet access will also better prepare the country should another pandemic arise.  In an increasingly interconnected and digitized world, the importance of the internet cannot be overstated.

The key to productivity is great internet

Affordability of fast and reliable internet also needs to be factored into the dialogue, considering 60% of broadband users with lower incomes experience connection problems and almost half are worried at least some about paying for broadband.

The internet is not a passing fad or something that is just nice to have.  It is a necessity.  A national effort to provide reliable, high-capacity, high-speed internet connectivity to all U.S. households will unleash economic growth, build economic resilience – and bridge the digital divide.  That sounds like a winning solution to me!

Here is a review by Stanford University, Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology and University of Chicago Booth regarding this new landscape and the importance of securing reliable, high-speed internet service.  Let me know what you think!

~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix

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