The supply chain issue is a well-worn pandemic narrative at this point.  Shortages of materials like steel, semiconductor chips, lumber, chlorine for your neighbor’s pool, chicken for your family BBQ, and new bicycles at your favorite local bike shop are real and affecting industries across the economy.  While part of the supply chain issue is market driven, a lot has to do with shipping issues.

Worse still, container shipping prices have risen significantly.  The average price world-wide to ship a 40-foot container has risen to $8,399- this is more than quadruple from a year ago.  In some cases the cost is as high as $20,000 for last minute agreements!

As this article states, global trade and shipping is the hottest restaurant in town- if you want to get a reservation, you need to plan it out two months in advance.

~ Brian Kasal- The Leadership Matrix

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