23 05, 2023

I’ll See You on the Far Side of the Moon

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Ever met a hero?  I had an encounter recently at a National Eagle Scout Association event to bestow a Distinguished Service Award on Captain Jim Lovell, mission commander of Apollo 13.  Intrepid readers of this blog know that I am an Eagle Scout, and there have been forty-one career astronauts at NASA who are Eagle Scouts, including Capt. Jim Lovell.  Lovell was the first to fly into space four [...]

2 05, 2023

The Spending Calculations in Your Head

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People spend money in different ways.  Some keep track of daily, monthly, or general spending, others have no structure, and some follow a strict budget.  The cadence by which people spend may require adjustments from time to time, especially if something unexpected comes up.  Speaking of which, unexpected expenses are a good reason to start a regular savings plan- paying yourself first- as part of any budget, whether formalized [...]

21 04, 2023

Out of Sight and Out of Mind?

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Ask a room full of people for those who would choose to be taxed and no one may come forward.  It isn’t a surprise that most people avoid taxes whenever possible.  Taxes are also a fact of life and come in many forms.  Let’s focus on sin taxes- programs designed to raise revenue while discouraging the consumption of goods or activities deemed unhealthy or costly to society.  Think about [...]

6 04, 2023

The Number of People Working From Home

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The concept of working from home transitioned from being a novelty to becoming part of the national vernacular as the urgency of the pandemic set in.  Covid changed the idea of what constitutes a work environment.  A tug-of-war has since developed between workers in professions that can accommodate remote work, and employers that believe employees are more productive in the office.  The outcome may be more hybrid work options [...]