18 09, 2020

The Restaurant Industry Is Looking Bleak

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This is truly tragic- 100,000 restaurants closing due to the pandemic is hard to believe! The number represents almost 10% of all restaurants in the country.  Think of all the lives and net worth destroyed, as well as the cross section of people affected- including investors, owners, chefs, kitchen prep, waitstaff, administrators & managers, caterers, farmers, fishermen, suppliers, designers, florists, launderers, not to mention the tax revenue generated and [...]

17 09, 2020

The Best Scientific Analysis of COVID-19 Data I Have Seen!

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Here is a very interesting review of the data behind the COVID-19 mortality and virus numbers that are the focus of public officials as they make policy.  It seems like the small impact now and the thaw in the virus might make it possible to open the economy soon~ If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it on your favorite platform below.

4 09, 2020

Style Differences Causing Competitive Changes? Dow Jones “ALL” Index… Not Your Father’s Industrial Index Anymore!

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Last week the Dow Industrials announced changes to the index.  Three companies, Exxon, Pfizer and Raytheon, were removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) on Monday, August 31st and replaced by Amgen, Salesforce and Honeywell. The main reason for the change was driven by Apple’s decision to enact a 4-for-1 stock split.  Apple alone accounted for 27.6% of the technology weighting of the Dow. This split impacted the [...]

2 09, 2020

Today is the First Day of the Payroll Tax Deferral. It’s Complicated. Here’s What We Know.

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Here is a thing all investors should know.  The payroll tax deferral is on thanks to President Trump, but it is not a gift, just a deferral.  Here is a fine article on the subject. You will have more disposable income until the end of the year, but will pay those taxes later.  All companies and investors need to be smart about how they manage this or you’ll get [...]