11 08, 2022

Goodbye to the Green Lawn?

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The age of the green, manicured lawn in California might be coming to an end.  Lawns may not literally be a thing of the past, but if restrictions taking hold in some California water districts remain, it will be near impossible to grow a lawn.  Some California residents are seeing restrictions limit watering grass to one day a week for a maximum of eight minutes.  Most lawns need between [...]

5 08, 2022

Airfares under $300 are coming back

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It seemed like low airfares were gone, but the good news is that the airline industry is still impacted by fuel input costs, which have been fading. The recent oil surge has begun to subside a bit, bringing a return in lower fares! Here is an article with some thoughts on that. Airfares under $300 are coming back Flight prices usually drop in the fall, but this year’s decline from [...]

28 07, 2022

Cutting the Cord or Stopping the Stream?

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The general narrative in the pay-tv and movie industry is a movement away from the bundle of channels offered through cable providers and instead packaging together a collection of subscription streaming services fed through a high-speed internet connection.  The fact that the high-speed internet connection is often provided by the same cable provider is almost beside the point. Early entrants came onto the streaming scene around 2005 and quite [...]

25 07, 2022

Rise of the Renewables- Wind & Solar Power Overtake Nuclear for First Time

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For the first time ever, electricity produced by sustainable wind and utility scale solar surpassed that generated by nuclear power plants in April of this year.  This statistic highlights the sustained national effort to build more renewable energy capacity for our electric grid.  To note, utility scale wind production increased 27.7% over April 2021, and utility scale solar rose almost 25%- impressive figures!  Capacity for clean energy production (wind, [...]