12 10, 2021

Now You Tell Us!… Inflation Is All the Rage- Episode V

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Does the Federal Reserve have a communication problem or maybe the American public has a listening problem?  Either way, inflationary expectations differ between the Federal Reserve and U.S. consumers.  How this diversion plays out may affect the performance of the economy. The mandate of the Fed is to keep prices (inflation) stable and to seek maximum sustainable employment.  Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has insisted that inflation is ‘elevated’, reflecting [...]

5 10, 2021

Will China Dominate the World… or Has Their Reckoning Just Begun?

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Is China riding the growth of an economic miracle that will lead to the rise of a dominating global superpower… or is the Chinese economy hyper-inflated, fueled by speculation and debt, that will lead to an inevitable collapse? Perhaps it will be something in between. Listeners of the FourStar Today’s Market Explained podcast know how China has employed significantly higher levels of debt financing in recent years to accelerate [...]

4 10, 2021

When Opportunity Strikes

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Here we have a great research piece from the Chicago Booth Report on the propensity of younger citizens to respond to the change in the prices of goods, commodities, and other trends in the economy.  The analytics of this research study, conducted on Brazilian entrepreneurs who quickly start companies to capture sudden spikes in demand, bear that out! As the study states, ‘these “responsive entrepreneurs” tend to be younger [...]

24 09, 2021

Is it More Productive to Work from Home?

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Will working with slippers on from home or working with an opportunity to talk by the water cooler at an office ultimately pan out?  Time will tell.  Some folks like working at home, some do not. There are remote work benefits, such as no commute and no costs associated with a commute, potential work schedule flexibility, and more family time.  We have also learned about work-from-home negatives, some substantial, [...]