2 12, 2020

But he could play a GUITAR just like a ringing a bell…

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Astute readers may catch the line in the lyrical title above, from the timeless Chuck Berry hit “Johnny B. Goode”.  This tune came to mind while learning about an encouraging music related trend- more people are trying their hand at playing guitar… and for that matter, at playing ukulele and bass too. This is especially evident at Fender Guitars.  Sales are skyrocketing, despite pandemic related challenges that affected Fender [...]

1 12, 2020

It’s the Numbers Behind the Numbers that Really Matter

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So the market hit a new high, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising last week past 30,000.  For the record, this was the highest level ever reached by the Dow, which also closed November posting the biggest monthly gain since 1987. While the milestone is newsworthy, what’s really important is how it got there.  Unlike most of the momentum driving market gains, fueled primarily from technology companies, this [...]

16 11, 2020

Will the Prospect of a Hyperloop System Change the Way People Everywhere Live, Work, and Travel?

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Well, it’s a good question and a fascinating concept.  This hyperloop system is a new mode of travel being developed by Virgin Hyperloop.  The technology uses electromagnetic levitation in near vacuum conditions to transport people or cargo at theoretical speeds of over 600 mph.  There are many companies working on hyperloop systems, but Virgin is the first to conduct human trials. Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, [...]

12 11, 2020

It’s One Thing to Approve a Vaccine… It’s Another to Distribute a Vaccine

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Folks, it’s one thing to see the approval of a vaccine and another thing entirely to distribute a vaccine to every corner of the country (and U.S. territories!).  This is an exclusive inside look at the preparations being made by the federal government to develop, produce and distribute enough COVID vaccine to inoculate every American, free of charge, upon Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorization. Take a look at [...]