26 05, 2022

A Return to the Office? Depends on Where You Live.

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We have felt, really without much evidence, that workers would come back to the office after the pandemic.  Our view- the conditions that justified office clusters in the suburbs and of course city downtown areas in the first place are the same now as they were before the pandemic.  Companies need workers to communicate well and it’s hard to do everything remote- while it may be distracting at times, there [...]

23 05, 2022

“We have maximum portfolio protection levels now”

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It’s clear that prices in the equity markets are swinging wildly, with a downward trend that has been lasting weeks.  Consider this- last week marked the first eight-week losing streak for the Dow since 1923, while the S&P 500 is in a seven-week losing streak, the worst since 2001.  The Nasdaq also absorbed its seventh negative week in a row, which is the first time since March 2001. This [...]

17 05, 2022

The Red Moon Rising- A Super Flower Blood Moon

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In keeping with the general obsession at FourStar of matters relating to advancements in space exploration, our solar system and outer space, here is a treat I was lucky to catch on Sunday night (5/15/22)- A Red Moon Rising! The red moon in this case was a lunar eclipse called a Super Flower Blood Moon.  A lunar eclipse is particularly fun and accessible because no special eye protection is [...]

16 05, 2022

The Benefits Cliff – Who Tends to Fall Over the Cliff?

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This is a story about how a person can get a raise, yet still earn less. A multitude of support programs offered by federal, state, and local governments exist to help those who are economically struggling.  Each program has a specific goal to help provide necessities like food, health care, childcare and education.  The truth is, everyone benefits from government programs in some fashion- a person who has taken [...]